Hi all

Many thanks to all those who responded. Just thought I would post a quick summary of my findings to the list:

Many people do not use a formal template as such but just directly send on search results from PubMed etc. directly to users.

For those who do use a template it typically includes: 
Search Topic and Search Strategy copied from PubMed, EMBASE etc.

One or two of the templates I received also included a narrative (a few sentences) explaining the choice of search terms and level of specificity etc. but the vast majority did not.

Most templates present the full listing of references from the search - a few 'filter' or highlight the most relevant results for users first, and also give the option of the full set of results. 2 of the responses I received also included a summary paragraph at the top indicating the main findings.

So overall, a lot of similarity between presentations of results but a few minor differences.

Thanks again!


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