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So Lance Armstrong is now officially guilty of doping.  Many people have opposed the USADA's case because of the resulting complication of redetermining the results of those races that Armstrong had supposedly won, which is a pathetic argument against pursing doping violations.  The best answer--there is no great solution--is to say that there are no official results for the Tour for the following years: 1996-2006, 2010.

It would be much more difficult than anointing a new single season homerun king (Maris) or all time record holder (Aaron), that's for sure. Everyone in the pro peloton was using PEDs in the 1996-2006 period. Armstrong just happened to use them to the greatest possible advantage, whether through better chemistry, better physiology or both. 

Armstrong's tour highlights ultimately belong in the same highlight reel as Mark McGwire's monstrous home runs - examples of what superhuman things are possible by humans with an extra artificial boost. Entertaining video for sure.

What's clear is that the public hates dopers who also lack contrition; Andy Pettite is but one example of how a doper who apologizes for his sins can avoid a public flogging. 

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