*DEAF AWARENESS WEEK 2012 at the University of Vermont*

Admission is FREE and open to the public!

Deaf Awareness Week at UVM will be September 24-29^th with 6 straight 
days of Deaf empowerment, education and good times.

*List of Events:*

*Keynote Speaker: Masa Nakama*on Monday, 9/24 @ 6PM in the Davis Center 
- Livak Ballroom

*ASL Films presents /Versa Effect/*with Russell Harvard and Rosa Lee 
Timm on Tuesday, 9/25 @ 6PM in Stafford 101

*ASL Skit Night*on Wednesday, 9/26, 6PM in the Davis Center -- 
Brennan's Pub

*Deaf Jeopardy*on Thursday, 9/27, 6PM in Waterman Memorial Lounge

*ASL Lunch & Roundtable Discussion*about Masa's presentation on Friday, 
9/28, 11:30AM in the Davis Center -- Rosa Parks Room

*Monique Holt's 1-woman show*: /Men Don't Listen to Naked Women/ on 
Saturday, 9/29 @ 7PM in the Davis Center -- Silver Maple Ballroom.

Voice Interpreters will be provided at all of the events. If you are 
seeking additional accommodations, including, but not limited to 
Deaf-Blind interpreters or English real-time captioning, please email 
Matthew Gilsbach @ [log in to unmask] 
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> no later than August 27, 2012. This 
deadline will ensure accommodation requests are met. We can accept 
requests after August 27th and we will do our best to meet those needs 
based on availability of services.

More Information can be found at 


"Deaf Queers" with Masa Nakama

Davis Center Livak Ballroom (4th floor), 6 pm - 8 pm

*Keynote Topic:*According to a recent study, nearly two-thirds of LGBT 
students were slapped with derogatory slurs and inhumane labels, and 
reported feeling unsafe in schools because of their sexual orientation, 
and more than a third also felt unsafe because of their gender 
expression. There was an increase in depression, anxiety, and teen 
suicide. The movement known as the "It Gets Better" began only recently 
in sending a positive message of hope and love to the youth of the gay 
community. (GLSEN, 2011)

"Just as homosexual might be 'invisible' in the Deaf community, deafness 
might be 'invisible' in the homosexual community." (Zanga, 2005)

When Masa was a teenager, he didn't have a role model or mentor who was 
deaf and gay or someone he could identify with. He needed advice and 
support from someone older, wiser, and capable of understand his 
struggle. After growing up with a full adventurous life, he strives to 
ensure that today's youth are never ALONE from naturally being who they 
are. He believes that you need to be yourself.

For his senior high prom, Masa went with his boyfriend at the time and 
by doing so inspired a teacher to come out and bring his partner to prom 
as well. By being yourself, you help liberate others and you end up 
creating outstanding leaders, role models, and examples for those who 
need and deserve them. He intends to better unify and strengthen the 
Deaf LGBT community. It's time we get together.

*About Masa:*Masa Nakama is a culturally deaf, gay, and hapa. (Hapa is a 
Hawaiian language term used to describe a person of mixed racial 
heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry.) 
He's a native southern California, grew up in mainstream program until 
his sophomore year, he transferred to California School for the Deaf, 
Riverside (CSDR). Masa opened his eyes with deaf identity after he 
transferred to CSDR and disclosure his gay identity during his senior 
year. His long journey at Gallaudet University and graduated with 
Psychology degree in Bachelor of and School Counseling degree in Master 
of Arts.

Masa is a co-founder of ColorFest, member of Rainbow Alliance of the 
Deaf and currently Miss RAD 2011 -- 2013, and work closely with the 
founder of Deaf Queer Kaleidoscope (DQKal). He is a currently ColorFEST 
director and also he's working on establishing a program for deaf LGBT 
youth. His passion and dream is to work with deaf LGBT youth and guide 
them that they can achieve their future.

* TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th: ASL Films presents "Versa Effect"*

Stafford Hall, Room 101, 6 pm - 8 pm; (post-movie discussion to follow)

*Synopsis:*From their childhood years to working at a Deaf school in 
Texas, Jackie and Seth have always love to...HATE each other! The fact 
that they are working closely in the same school did not help matters. 
For all their bad blood with each other, something bad had happened to 
them: their bodies have been switched! What follows is a series of 
laugh-a-minute hijinks as Jackie and Seth struggle to get back to their 
bodies. Because of that, they have no choice but to work together in 
order to save themselves. With time running out, Jackie and Seth must 
find a way to get back in their bodies before they get stuck in the 
opposite sex of bodies forever! Versa Effect is the first comedy film 
directed by the venerable Mark Wood.


Davis Center Brennan's Pub (basement), 6 pm - 8 pm

Join us for an evening of mime and storytelling at Brennan's Pub at the 
University of Vermont.  Students from ASL II, ASL III and ASL V classes 
will perform ABC Stories, Fairy Tale Stories with a Deaf "twist," Deaf 
jokes and many more!  Meanwhile, other students, interpreters, ASL pros, 
die-hards, and anyone who can sign are also encouraged to come on stage 
and give it a try!  Those who do not know ASL or are not comfortable 
with signing in front of an audience can join us by being our audience 
members to witness the art of Deaf Culture in action.  Food and drinks 
will be sold at Brennan's Pub.


*THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th: Deaf Jeopardy*

Waterman Memorial Lounge, 6 pm - 8 pm


Come test your knowledge and skills around the Deaf Community. We will 
have teams of 3 face off in an Academic Bowl style face off to win prizes!


*FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th: Deaf & the LGBT Community: Lunch & ASL 
Roundtable Discussion*

Davis Center Rosa Parks Room (1^st floor); join in anytime between 11:30 
am -- 1:30 pm


Topic of discussion: following up Masa Nakama's keynote speech on Deaf 
Queers.  Deaf participants will share their experiences and 
intersections of Deaf & the LGBT community.


*SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th: Monique Holt: /Men Don't Listen to Naked Women/*

Davis Center Silver Maple (4th floor), 7pm-9pm

Q & A after the show


*About /Men Don't Listen to Women Naked/:*

/Men Don't Listen to Naked Women/ is a show starring Monique Holt and 
wraps up Deaf Awareness Week 2012!  This provocative piece is a 
one-woman show.  Monique will let you know what she thinks.  "Oh," you 
say, "a naked women thinks."  Well, yes, and talks as well.  But, we 
have found that the hard part is that many people don't listen. 
  Especially, men.  This show tries to get around that.  Come and listen 
with your eyes.

At the Davis Center -- Silver Maple Ballroom, political stand-up will 
have its say, and we invite you to listen//to/ Men Don't Listen to Naked 
Women,/ directed by Tim Chamberlain.  MO^2  Productions previously 
presented /Are Your Ears Blind?, Desire/Regret/and/ UNcontentED LOVE/. 
  To these we add the newest collaboration between Monique Holt and Tim 

This new show will help you re-think listening.  Who listens?  How? 
  And, when.  If... Do you feel heard?  Maybe it's time to explore other 
ways of speaking.

Monique will tell stories from a unique point-of-view.  While you may 
have heard the stories before, we can guarantee that you haven't seen 
these interpretations of them.  She is a woman of a certain age.  She 
examines gender interactions and the world with a hands-on approach. Oh, 
did I say that this show has audience participation?  Monique is a 
seasoned performer. Having done straight plays, dance and devised work 
as well. She has been an aerial performer, a storyteller and general 
spitfire. Is it her experience that interests you? Or, on the other 
hand, is it her heart? Oh, right! It's her mind!

*About Monique Holt:*

Monique Holt (Performer), is an actress, director, storyteller, 
translator, writer and arts advocate. She obtained her BFA in Acting 
from New York University and her MFA from Towson University. She is a 
long-time member of actor's unions: Equity and SAG/AFTRA. She creates 
original works including: The "Or"bit, The Dark Room, The Night Was So 
Hungry That It Ate The Moon and Are Your Ears Blind?  She regularly 
teaches workshops in acting, non-verbal communication & gesture and text 
translation. Her major project: translating Shakespeare's sonnets and 
other contemporary poet's work into ASL.

*NOTE: This performance is NOT appropriate for children younger than 16.*