Great Meeting this week.  For those who could not make it I attached  
the meeting minutes.  Special attention to 4 things:
  1) Catamount Classic- meeting in Votey parking lot at 7 for those  
who signed up.  For questions and concerns email Baxter or I.
  2) Krispy Kream Donuts Sale- One of our main fundraisers.  Try to  
get as many pre-sales as possible!! This fundraiser is very important  
for our club and it will be very beneficial as we start our project  
and need supplies.
  3) Vote for the project- to help decide our future project go to the  
lynx EWB homepage and vote! I have attached some details about one of  
the potential projects.  We want your opinion!
  4) 5 dollar dues- helps pay the overall due to EWB national. Get at them!

Hope everyone is having a nice week!  For those hiking on Saturday.  
Get pumped. Wear good sucks.
  No meeting next week, but  I will see you all on the following Tuesday.