For those of us interested in mobile technologies in higher ed in general, this Educause list might be a useful resource.


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Subject: [IDM] FYI: Handheld and Mobile Computing CG is now Mobile Technologies
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 20:03:32 +0000
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I’m sharing this message from the Mobile Technologies Constituent Group (formerly the Handheld and Mobile Computing CG) since several items may be of interest to the Security and IDM discussion group members.


There’s information about

·        Joining the Mobile Technologies list

·        Cross-posting discussions of interest (e.g., mobile security)

·        BYOD “un-conference” at EDUCAUSE 2012 on November 8

· topic page on Mobile in Higher Ed (HEISC also maintains pages on information security and privacy in higher ed: and


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Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Subject: [MOBILETECH] Handheld and Mobile Computing CG is now Mobile Technologies


Handheld and Mobile Computing CG is now Mobile Technologies

As the importance of mobile technologies has evolved since the inception of this constituent group and as the importance of mobile technologies continues to transform higher education the name of the CG has also transformed.

A few items regarding the Mobile Technologies CG:

Join the conversation: Please share this CG listserv with anyone in your organization who has responsibility for a mobile initiative or even has a passing interest in anything mobile.

Cross posting is welcome: While there are a number of CGs with specific interests, such as security, please share to this listserv when relevant to mobile. One item that is consistently mentioned during Educause events is a desire to have a central ‘clearinghouse’ for the wide-ranging number of mobile topics. The Mobile Technologies CG list can serve that purpose.

Annual Conference: Don’t forget to add the Mobile Technologies Constituent Group meeting to your schedule for the annual conference. Bring questions, hot-topics and ideas to share. This group deals with varied interests and is an opportunity to share lessons-learned from other campuses.

BYOD Un-Conference: At this year’s Annual Educause Conference an un-conference is being scheduled addressing the topic of BYOD. Add this session to your schedule.

Mobile (Post-PC) in Higher Education
A topic has been established to curate all things mobile as it pertains to higher education:. Some of the posts are specific to HE and some are more universal yet pertinent for HE. The content curated in this topic include platforms, security, mobile learning, devices, providers, services, development, etc.
You are encouraged to suggest items for posting to this topic. Also, forward any keywords that can be included in the search parameters for this topic.
Full disclosure: I curate this topics because the topic is important, I enjoy it  and I do not benefit in any way from curating this content.

hope everyone’s semester has started off on a positive note -
stay mobile -

Steve diFilipo
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