I have another issue I need to vent about.  The Republican Party (I think) is sending out Absentee Ballot Requests to voters.  I don't really care but what is happening now is people who have already come in and filled out a request for an absentee ballot are signing the one they got in the mail and mailing it to me.  I know it doesn't really matter but it is driving me crazy!!!!!

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I am sorry you’r upset about the muninet thing but I wanted other opinions about the ballot to see what other clerks thought. I would also like to point out that it isn’t just because of the JP ballots being added to the General Election ballot because in the past ballots had the same problem and the JP’s weren’t on it. Everyone is so concerned with Elections and getting all the people to vote, I would think that the set up of the ballot would be made user friendly rather than confusing and making it so that it’s possible to lose votes. Maybe it wasn’t an issue in other towns last time but it certainly was here and I think it will be again.


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Good morning Nancy,


If you so chose, you can print your own JP ballot and the layout can be to your satisfaction.


We have an extremely short time frame after the Primary Election to produce 275 different ballots for the general election.  This year we had even a shorter period of time due to the statewide recount.  In some counties such as Chittenden county, the races have many more candidates and the JP contest cannot fit on the front side of the ballot.  It is more efficient for the printer to do all the ballots in the same format because of the time crunch.


Vermont state statutes provide that “Ballots for justices shall be prepared at town expense, under the direction of the town clerk, in the town in which they are to be used.”  17 V.S.A. section 2471(b)


We offer to add the JP race to the general election ballot primarily to assist towns that use the optic scan tabulator so that the JP race can be counted on the same memory card and tape as the general election ballot which saves town’s money.  This year we offered it to all towns because we developed new technology that made it more efficient for towns to provide the names of JPs and we wanted hand count towns to benefit from the time and cost savings.


In the future, I would appreciate it if you would ask a question to me personally before you blast it over muninet.


Best Regards, Kathy


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Hi Lori and Kathy,

I will let you respond to this e-mail. I don’t want Nancy Ertle to think we don’t care but I don’t want to get in the middle of a situation I can’t control. Please let me know if there is anything you want me to do.


Thank you!


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A note written to the Elections Administration, Secretary of State, and to Brown’s printing,
I would like to complain about the ballots. This has happened in the past also and shouldn’t be allowed. The Official Vermont General Election Ballot has plenty of room on the front page. On the front page of the ballots there is 2 and ≤ inches on the bottom of the 2nd column and 6 inches on the bottom of the 3rd column, so why then did the JP candidates get printed on the back of the ballot? The last time this was done (I think it was last year) the voters didn’t look at the back and didn’t vote for the office’s on it. I know it says turn ballot over but they really and truly don’t see that. Even when the Election workers sit there and tell every single person to turn it over there is more on the back (when they are passing out the ballots) people are creatures of habit and just don’t “see it” or “do it” when they are in the voting booth. The last time a ballot was printed like this the office on the back had a bunch of blanks. This ballot is a poor design and it wasn’t necessary what so ever to have them printed this way and it will be a cause of lost votes for candidates. Please take this into consideration for the future and don’t let the ballots be printed this way again.
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