This is another follow up from a request at yesterday’s session on Records Management at the VMCTA Annual Meeting in Killington- several attendees asked for more guidance on E-911 address information.


I have to give the standard disclaimer that although I happen to be a lawyer, I cannot give specific legal advice due to the absence of anything in the nature of a clearly defined attorney-client relationship.


Subject to that, here are some resources-


30 V.S.A. 7059 spells out what a municipality should do if it receives a specific request for confidential treatment of an E911 address- see especially subsection (d):


The June 2004 issue of the Secretary of State’s “Opinions” Newsletter had several items about confidential treatment of 911 addresses- please see items 23 and 24 under “Opinions of Opinions”:


I don’t pretend (or aspire J ) to be an expert on all-things-E-911 so if anyone else has any helpful additions from expertise or practical experience, share away!


As with the other item yesterday, could someone who inhabits both this Muninet list and the Clerk-Treasurer-only listserve please share this over there as well (since I am not a Clerk or Treasurer I do not have access to that list).






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