Hi all,

I would be interested in this. I was but a twinkle/wee young thing during
SfP's heyday, but I am currently active in the Engineering, Social Justice,
and Peace network (,  and I imagine some of our membership would
be interested as well. Sigrid, if my being near to you geographically is
helpful for logistics planning etc., let me know. Seth Shulman is a former
SfP newsletter editor who lives in Northampton, MA. Not sure if he's in
touch with others... I met him once when I taught his book *Undermining
Science: Suppression and Distortion in the Bush Administration* and he
visited my class (not knowing his SfP history, so that was fun to learn
when he brought it up!)


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> Dear Sigrid,
> As a long time SftP member I strongly support your idea for a conference
> of the type you describe, though I would like to discuss it with you
> further. I also wish you could do it in the Spring of 2013, not 2014 which
> is too far in the future.  At least, how about fall 2013?  Please send me
> your telephone number so we can talk. As you know there are still many
> ex-SftP members in the Boston area who might also be interested in such a
> conference.
> I still work for the Tellus Institute in Boston, which you should become
> familiar with if you don't already know it. (See  It was
> started in the late 1970s by members of the New York City capter of SftP,
> and was inspired by the ideas that made SftP so important - how to relate
> science and politics.  We have been successful for over 37 years now.  Now
> I am working primarily on critiquing the economic modeling done for the
> IPCC on climate change mitigation, and on ideas for a New Economy.  We
> might even be able to think of some funding sources for this conference.
> And we have listserves that might prove useful.
> Sincerely,
> Richard Rosen, Ph.D.
> Senior Fellow
> Tellus Institute
> Boston, MA 02116
> 617-266-5400
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> Subject: Reunion / conference for Science for the People
> Calling all former members and current fans of Science for the People!
> Scientists are angry. They are angry about climate change denial. They are
> angry about bans on stem cell research. They are angry about attacks on
> teaching evolution in the schools. But are they organizing effectively? Do
> they have an effective analysis of the power structures that impede the
> production of socially beneficial scientific knowledge?
> Should scientists be forming closer alliances with activist organizations
> to transform the social and political context in which scientists do their
> work?
> What would Science for the People have said?
> I am a history professor at UMass Amherst whose research focuses on the
> history of science in Mao-era China. A few years ago I interviewed some of
> you about the 1973 and 1978 Science for the People delegations to China.
> During my most recent meeting with Vinton Thompson (a member of the Chicago
> group of SftP and a delegate on the 1973 trip to China), we raised the
> possibility of holding a reunion / conference for former members of SftP
> and scholars interested in its history.
> So I am writing to you now to obtain a general sense of how many people
> would be interested in participating in a conference on the history of
> Science for the People and the future of activism around science and
> technology. If there is enough interest, I will begin working to secure
> funding.
> More specifically, I am proposing a weekend conference on the UMass
> Amherst campus to be held during the spring semester of 2014. Holding the
> conference on campus during the school year will make it possible for UMass
> scientists, scholars, and students to participate. I am especially excited
> to involve students in the radical undergraduate major Social Thought &
> Political Economy (STPEC,, of which I am now
> associate director. As you may know, the Amherst area is also a hotbed of
> social and political activism, and I am confident we would also draw
> considerable interest from the surrounding community.
> I would like to plan the details of the conference in collaboration with
> any of you who want to take an active role, along with interested students,
> professors, and activists in the greater UMass community.
> Possibilities include (but are by no means limited to):
>      * panels on the history of SftP,
>      * workshops on building a movement that answers today's needs (how
> would it be similar to SftP? how would it be different? how can scientists
> and activists work together... and what tensions exist between them?),
>      * and of course lots of time for seeing old friends and building new
> connections.
> All I need from you now is a reply to this email answering the following
> questions:
> 1) Are you at least potentially interested in participating in a spring
> 2014 conference on the history of Science for the People and the future of
> activism around science and technology?
> 2) Would you like to help plan the conference?
> 3) Do you have any tips about (or better yet, connections to) possible
> funding sources?
> 4) Would you like to join a list-serv to keep in touch as we move forward
> with the organizing?
> 5) Do you have contact information (or clues as to the whereabouts) of
> former SftP members? If so, please share it with me.
> Thank you very much, and I hope to hear from you soon!
> Very best wishes,
> Sigrid
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> Sigrid Schmalzer
> Associate Professor, History Department
> Acting Associate Director, Social Thought & Political Economy UMass Amherst

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