No. 17 in a series of debate tournament reforms

 Abdication & Refusal

CA and DCA positions are disproportionately held by men. In fact, it is a
quite shockingly high percentage. Despite complaints over the years, the
condition persists. The issue matters a great deal (as anyone might discover
with even a cursory examination of varied literatures on discrimination and
the influence of diversity on inclusion, fairness, decision-making). There
is an easy remedy. All men should abdicate accepted CA/DCA positions. No man
should apply for a CA/DCA position. Problem solved. Private decisions could
readily resolve a sustained social problem. After 10 years of this remedy
for past discrimination, men might once again consider applying as a CA/DCA.
Sometime around September 15, 2022. Until then, male inclusion as CA/DCAs is
an opportunity cost.



John Meany
Claremont Colleges Debate Union
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