And, I might add, Reform No. 1 / 17 is yet another reason to join us at the University of Rochester Debate Tournament this weekend. 

Our DCA is the ever brilliant URDU Team Captain, Nina Datlof. 

See you in the ROC where everything is better. 


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No. 17 in a series of debate tournament reforms 

• Abdication & Refusal 

CA and DCA positions are disproportionately held by men. In fact, it is a quite shockingly high percentage. Despite complaints over the years, the condition persists. The issue matters a great deal (as anyone might discover with even a cursory examination of varied literatures on discrimination and the influence of diversity on inclusion, fairness, decision-making). There is an easy remedy. All men should abdicate accepted CA/DCA positions. No man should apply for a CA/DCA position. Problem solved. Private decisions could readily resolve a sustained social problem. After 10 years of this remedy for past discrimination, men might once again consider applying as a CA/DCA. Sometime around September 15, 2022. Until then, male inclusion as CA/DCAs is an opportunity cost. 



John Meany 
Claremont Colleges Debate Union 
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