Dear All,

We are writing to inform the World Debating Community that applications for
the position of Deputy Chief Adjudicators are now open. The application
form is attached to this email and is available on our website (

We are looking for candidates that have experience, perspectives and
abilities that complement the current team. We are looking for candidates
who have (in no particular order):

1. Organizational ability – DCAs should have the ability to help with the
running of the competitions and the ability to work well as part of a team

2. Motion-setting ability – DCAs should be able to set interesting and fair
motions and should have the ability to critique motions (including their

3. Strong Adjudicators – DCAs should be good adjudicators, able to make
correct decisions and provide high-quality feedback to participants.

4. Knowledge of their regional and international debating circuit – DCAs
should be approachable and have a broad, deep and current knowledge of
their region’s debating circuit. DCAs should also have experience and
insight on international debating.

We plan to appoint three additional DCAs:

We have a strong preference for a regionally diverse Adjudication Team. A
regionally representative team is best placed to appropriately decide
motions, test motions, rank judges, evaluate independent judge applications
and be accessible to all members of the International Debating Community.

We guarantee at least one ESL or EFL DCA. Language diversity will be a very
important factor in the selection process. A team without an ESL or EFL
member is less well-placed to raise language accessibility issues.

We reserve the option to appoint one other DCA irrespective of the region
they are from. If the adjudication team would be strengthened by appointing
two DCAs from one region, it is useful to have the option of doing so.

Applications will close at 11.30pm (GMT) on September 23rd. Please send
your application to [log in to unmask]

As with previous Worlds, we will be soliciting feedback on applicants from
the World Debating Community. The feedback period will open in late
September when we post the list of applicants and will run until October
21st. We will announce our selections shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the role further,
please do not hesitate to contact us ([log in to unmask];
[log in to unmask]) . If you’d like to know more about the
competition visit our website (, or facebook group ( <http://goog_1958667072/>) and our twitter
account (@chennaiworlds).

We’re looking forward to receiving your applications!


Michael Baer ([log in to unmask])
Harish Natarajan ([log in to unmask])
Chief Adjudicators, Chennai Worlds 2014