The world peace debate is indeed in place of our dec 2 tournament. Colin
has been very cool to work with us on swapping dates.

John Patrick

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Isn’t LaVerne hosting the first weekend of December? Is the world peace
debate in place of that?

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Hello Brent,

The UCD tournament is going to change dates to avoid a conflict with La
Verne’s world peace debate. We’re tentatively looking at the first weekend
in December, but we’re still waiting on room confirmation. You can go ahead
and remove us from the October weekend, so people can plan appropriately
and I’ll let you know as soon as we confirm our date.



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Latest BP/WUDC worlds calendar update. Aug. 24 update, including changes
send by many of you.

The contact list is also enclosed. I suspect many contacts need to be
updated? help?

I welcome additions and corrections.

Tuna is posting this to his Website, too, which is wonderful.

I am in denial that summer will end, although the steady stream of 93
degree hot days plus fires is annoying.

Best to you all,


Brent Northup
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