*Office of the President*

	September 11, 2012

From:    Tom Sullivan, President

               Jane Knodell, Provost and Senior Vice President

               Wanda Heading-Grant, Chief Diversity Officer and Special 
Assistant to the President for Multicultural Affairs

To:         UVM Community

Re: *Campus Climate Survey Update*

    We write to you today to provide you with an update on the Campus
    Climate Survey administered in Spring 2011.

    The purpose of the survey was to assess the University's
    effectiveness in creating an environment that fully upholds the
    values and the principles embodied in /Our Common Ground/
    We urge all members of the campus community to review and reflect on
    the summary of the results. You can find the results of the Campus
    Climate Survey at the following websites:

      * Campus Climate Survey - Full Report
      * Campus Climate Survey - Brief Summary

    As you will see, we have more work to do.

    We must use what we have learned from the survey to create an action
    plan for moving forward. In that vein, the survey results have been
    discussed by the Educational Policy and Institutional Resources
    Committee of the Board of Trustees, by the Presidential Commissions
    charged with addressing diversity, inclusion, and campus safety, and
    with senior leaders.

    Three recommendations have come out of those discussions, and
    progress is being made on each one. First, focus groups were
    conducted over the summer with the goal of getting a deeper
    understanding of some of the survey results.Dr. Heading-Grant will
    report on the results of the focus group interviews at the November
    Board of Trustees meeting. Second, a diversity data inventory is
    being conducted with support from the Office of Institutional
    Research. This data will be the basis of a comprehensive diversity
    assessment plan. Third, a work group is developing a proposal for a
    comprehensive professional development program. By building the
    multicultural competence of everyone who works and learns at UVM, we
    will reduce the incidence of actual and perceived bias and
    discrimination on our campus.

    All of us must do our part to ensure that the University of Vermont
    is an inclusive and welcoming place for all of us.We urge you,
    again, to review and reflect on the results of the survey, and we
    ask that you take every opportunity to uphold our common values of
    respect, integrity, innovation, openness, justice, and responsibility.

Tom Sullivan
University of Vermont
85 South Prospect
Waterman Building
Burlington, Vermont 05405

(802) 656-7878 (office)
(802) 656- 9220 (fax)

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