*/Bear sighted on campus/*

*/At approximately 1:30am on Wednesday morning 9/12/12 a student walking 
in the area of Davis Road on the south end of Coolidge Hall observed a 
bear near the dumpster in that area.The bear was seen headed south 
toward the soccer fields. UVM Police Responded to the area but were 
unable to locate./*


*/If you happen across a bear or other wild animal please remain a safe 
distance from the animal and call Police Services. If it is safe to do 
so keep an eye on the animal and provide it's direction of travel./*


*/Do Not:/*

-*/Approach a wild animal or corner it/*

-*/Feed wild animals/*

-*/Taunt or agitate /*

-*/Or place yourself between a wild animal and a baby animal or a food 

If you have an */emergency call 911/*

/If you are a victim of a crime on campus call UVM -Police to Report as 
soon as possible @ 802-656-3473///

*/Text/*your */tip/* to 847411 (tip411) and include the */keyword UVM/* 
in your message.

*UVM Police would like to remind everyone to always have safety in mind 
by: *

·Travel in groups whenever possible

·Stay in well-lit and well-traveled areas when feasible

·Always be aware of your surroundings

·Have emergency numbers programed into your cellular phone

·If you see something out of place or suspicious -- call the police 

UVM Police urge the UVM community to always be aware of your 
surroundings while walking or running and avoid being distracted by 
listening to music or talking on a cell phone, especially at night. If 
possible walk or run with someone and in well lighted and populated 
areas. Also be aware of the */emergency blue lights/* all over campus 
and use them in an emergency.

/"Crime Awareness" is an integral component of "crime prevention." 
Knowledge that crimes occur encourages communities to actively 
participate in crime prevention efforts (e.g., locking doors, not 
walking alone, reporting suspicious activity to police) and, therefore, 
creates a safer environment. Lack of information invites complacency. 
The following message was approved for campus-wide distribution by the 
Department of Police Services Chief/Director Lianne Tuomey to alert you 
to an incident, to promote safety on campus and, in part, to comply with 
the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime 
Statistics Act of 1990./


/"Building a safe community through community involvement"/