Hello Vermont Birders:

I snuck in a couple stops this morning in South Burlington and Shelburne.

Red Rocks Park was pretty quiet but I did catch up to a couple mixed
species foraging flocks. Diversity was not high, mostly resident species,
but I did enjoy a few highlights.
I encountered surprisingly few warblers but three of them were Tennessee
Warblers.  Two Red-bellied Woodpeckers and a Carolina Wren were also fun
with the wren singing its heart out. The behavioral standout was an
immature Cooper's Hawk which glided down one of the roads at knee high,
passing within 20 feet of me before disappearing into the forest.

Warning: The parking area seems to still be a popular spot for
smash-and-grab thieves. I counted seven piles of broken glass. Don't leave
anything tempting within sight in your vehicle. A friend of mine once had
his window smashed and his sweaty gym clothes stolen because they were in a
small bag (purse-like?) on the seat in view.  Also the blatant disregard
for the leash law at that park is still rampant. One guy could be heard
throughout the park screaming for his dog which was perfectly content to
roam the woods.

Over at Shelburne Bay some waterfowl hunters had set up shop so it was a
little quieter than normal. No sign of the Willet but I won't claim it has
moved on. The only shorebirds I spotted were: a Greater Yellowlegs, a
Wilson's Snipe, a Spotted Sandpiper, and eight Killdeer. The hunters
successfully harvested and retrieved two Canada Geese but a third flew off
dangling a leg while I was there.

The complete list from Red Rocks Park:

The complete list from Shelburne Bay:


Eric Hynes