With all the talk of interesting shorebirds recently I thought I share
this poem I found on Kenn and Kimberly Kauffman's blog. Identifying
shorebirds is difficult at best (for most of us), so the challenge was
to write a poem about them.

Ode to Shorebirds

If a Dunlin doesn't know
Whether a Willet will not show
How a Turnstone tosses stones
While leaving Solitaries alone
To watch the Plovers on the shore
Whose antics make the Stilts snore
Then Knots do not care
To follow the Curlews through the air
And the Avocets are averse
To hearing birders curse
Waking Godwits from their sleep
With a cry of, "It's a Peep!"

by Katie Anderson

And for those of you who might be interested, I've heard that Kenn and
Kimberly Kaufmann will be coming to Bear Pond Books in Montpelier and
hopefully the North Branch Nature Center in October. I plan to take a
day off from work when that day arrives!