Just delightful, Patti.

Please post dates for those events if you find out when they are!

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On Sep 24, 2012, at 5:45 PM, Patti Haynes wrote:

> With all the talk of interesting shorebirds recently I thought I share
> this poem I found on Kenn and Kimberly Kauffman's blog. Identifying
> shorebirds is difficult at best (for most of us), so the challenge was
> to write a poem about them.
> Ode to Shorebirds
> If a Dunlin doesn't know
> Whether a Willet will not show
> How a Turnstone tosses stones
> While leaving Solitaries alone
> To watch the Plovers on the shore
> Whose antics make the Stilts snore
> Then Knots do not care
> To follow the Curlews through the air
> And the Avocets are averse
> To hearing birders curse
> Waking Godwits from their sleep
> With a cry of, "It's a Peep!"
> by Katie Anderson
> And for those of you who might be interested, I've heard that Kenn and
> Kimberly Kaufmann will be coming to Bear Pond Books in Montpelier and
> hopefully the North Branch Nature Center in October. I plan to take a
> day off from work when that day arrives!
> Patti
> Moretown