Fun pix!

I don't have a Yahoo account so can't comment on the site, but I think 
your number 3 and subsequent birds you have as Sharp-Shins are Cooper's 
with a worn tail (common this time of year).  Notice the outer retrices 
are clearly shorter, the body is pretty hefty, and in number 3, the 
wings are nearly straight across, not bowed.  Also the head protrudes 
beyond the leading ege of the wings, as it does in all of the SS pix, 
even in a glide.

Coops sometimes look like what's called a "flying cross," which Number 3 
does.  Sharpies never come close.

I would welcome alternate opinions, but that's how I would have called 
it, I think.

Best I could do with your mystery bird is Broadwing, but I'm not even 
sure why I say that!  Looking at the back end of birds going away in a 
glide is a misery.



On 9/16/2012 8:52 PM, cynthia crawford wrote:
> Spent yesterday (9/15)  at Putney Mountain watching a great show of
> migrating hawks.  Grand total reported was 620, I think, though I did not
> see that many. There were about 10-12 people there at any one time. Perfect
> day! We were there from about noon till 4:30.
> Entertaining highlights were Sharpies buzzing the plastic owl in a tree and
> a Red-tail carrying some sort of prey. This bird came around twice, eating
> on the fly, as it were.
> Please feel free to comment/correct i.d.s on these pictures. There is one
> mystery bird, and I'm not totally positive on my i.d.s or ages.
> Enjoy!
> Red-tail with prey
> Broad-winged, Osprey, Kestrel, Sharpie, Red-tailed, mystery bird