Yesterday afternoon Craig Provost and Ted Murin discovered a Hudsonian 
Godwit at Farrell Access.  Thanks to phone calls from Craig, the bird 
was later also viewed by Ron Payne, Jim Mead and me.

Lounging, foraging and preening 1600 feet to the southwest in shallow 
water at the mouth of a small cove, it and other shorebirds could be 
viewed from the parking area, by walking the west shore southward, and 
possibly from the field above the cove.  A single Greater Yellowlegs 
kept close company with the Godwit on occasion.

Other shorebirds included a flock of Lesser Yellowlegs, an American 
Golden Plover, a Semipalmated Sandpiper, and a Least Sandpiper.  The 
Lesser Yellowlegs were depleted by one following a successful aerial 
pursuit from a Peregrine Falcon over water right in front of us. The 
speed of the Falcon was breathtaking.  It disappeared carrying its new 
meal into the canopy of tall-tree woods on the east shore.

The Peregrine attack dispersed the shorebirds, which we did not see 
again before leaving shortly thereafter.

A list of species seen by Ron, Jim and me is found at: