Dear Vermont Skiing Community,

           For years now, my brother Tyler and I have been discussing the idea of shooting a short documentary about small ski hills in the area. We’ve decided to make that dream a reality over the course of the next year. We will film, edit, and promote a short documentary discussing the histories of these places and what makes them unique today. Unfortunately, we do not have all of the gear and software required to make this happen, as well as the funds to promote the final product. So we have decided to open an account on to try and raise enough money to produce the quality video that these areas deserve.

If you want see this happen as much as we do, we hope you will visit the site and consider making a donation. If we are going to raise enough money, we need make a big splash, so regardless of whether or not you can swing a donation, please forward this to friends who might be interested in this sort of project, mention it to neighbors, post it to your facebook-- you get the point. The way Kickstarter works is that lots of people pledge money, but it is only taken from their accounts if we reach our fundraising goal of $5,000. This is the bare minimum we have determined to be necessary to rent the gear, purchase the software, and promote the film (film festival entries, etc,).

Please contact us if you have questions or ideas. We are already looking forward to another winter coaching at Cochran’s and are excited to share this project with all of you. 

Elliot and Tyler Wilkinson-Ray

Here is the link:

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