First cold shot of the season is upon us and it certainly felt chilly up
high today.

This was 1pm today at the top of Stowe's gondola... this is about where the
temperature stayed all day, very slowly falling throughout the day.

Busted out the long underwear for the first time this season... 39-40F with
wind gusts over 40mph and a wind chill in the upper 20s.  Definitely a shock
to the system after months and months of warmth.

Also starting to see some more pronounced color in the foliage in the higher
elevations...cloudy days like today really bring out the color and there's a
nice band of yellow now between 2,000-3,000ft on Mansfield.  Still not much
color below 2K feet, though.


PS: Mount Washington is now 31.7F with a wind gust of 69mph and a wind chill
of 13F... going to be a cold night on the rockpile.

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