Sorry,  Group-- I don't like to ask for ILLs this way, but at this
point I feel desperate.  DOCLINE says that a library filled these two
requests on September 11, but I never got them and my inquiries have
gone unanswered.  The doc who needs them is about to leave for
India--and I really need to get them to him.  This is SO frustrating.
Yes, I've occasionally hit "Filled" and then forgotten--maybe once or
twice--but as soon as I'm asked I've sent it right out.  And not only
that, but this particular library does this to me all the time.  It's
not in my junk mail folder.  I don't know whether to report it to the
institution or not.  Okay, enough complaining.

If anyone could fill these for me, one or both, I'd greatly appreciate
it.  I'll be happy to send a DOCLINE request if you give me your ID.
We can pay up to $20.

Title:  The neurologist
Title Abbrev:  Neurologist
Citation:  2009 Jan;15(1):21-33
Article:  Paraneoplastic neurological syndromes: a review.
Author:  Toothaker T;Rubin M
NLM Unique ID:  9503763     Verify: PubMed
PubMed UI:  19131854

Title:  The American journal of the medical sciences
Title Abbrev:  Am J Med Sci
Citation:  2010 Oct;340(4):301-8
Article:  Paraneoplastic neurological syndromes: unusual pre
Author:  Braik T;Evans A;Telfer M;McDunn S
NLM Unique ID:  0370506     Verify: PubMed
PubMed UI:  20460982

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