I missed the membership meeting last Wednesday and I was wondering if  
there were any shifts available because I really want to volunteer!!
Please let me know whenever you need people!!


Jess Cohen

Quoting Campus Kitchens UVM <[log in to unmask]>:

> Good Morning Volunteers and Happy Monday!
> We have plenty to look forward to this week-besides the fact that  
> Halloween is
> being celebrated THIS UPCOMING WEEKEND!! One of the most exciting points of
> everyones week, however, seems to be the upcoming Campus Kitchen
> Membership Meeting! Come join us on Wednesday October 24th at 700 in Living
> Learning Building A room 102. This is the perfect chance for you to jack some
> last minute halloween costume ideas from the rest of the members-as well as
> get first dibs on shift sign ups! (From November-on, the number of  
> volunteers at
> the Tuesday 430-700 Teen Center shift will be limited to 4  
> volunteers-so things
> might get a little cut throat!)
> And as always- if you can not make the meeting, no worries! We will  
> be calling
> out requests for volunteers for November the day after the meeting,  
> so you can
> sign up for any unfilled spots via email!
> This is really going to be a fun meeting, and with Hunger and Homelessness
> week just around the corner there couldn't be a better time to get  
> involved with
> Campus Kitchens UVM.
> Have an awesome week-See you all Wednesday!!