Happy monday volunteers! I hope you all are looking forward to the upcoming 
shifts as much as I am! 
This month is packed full of new volunteers which is something we love to 
see- so welcome to all the new faces and keep on coming by to all the 
returnees! As always, if you are looking to volunteer for any of our shifts this 
month- please email us at [log in to unmask] We are in need for 
volunteers especially on Thursday October 18th and 25th, but please contact 
us about ANY shift and we will let you know if there is available room for 
more volunteers. :)

That being said- next month is turkey season! And here at UVM, I know we 
are all about giving thanks for all we have. So what better way to show the 
Burlington community our appreciation then by volunteering!!! We will be 
allowing for early November shift sign ups during our OCTOBER MONTHLY 
MEMBERSHIP MEETING! At the meeting we will also be discussing some new 
oppertunties to get involved in the fight against chronic hunger-here on 
campus!! So do your best to attend the meeting. MARK YOUR CALENDARS It 
will take place; Wednesday October 24th, at 7pm in the Living Learning 
Building A room 102 (note, it is next door to the meeting room for last month) 
It will be a lot of fun, and there will be an excellent cooking demo done by a 
member of our leadership team, Liz! 

If you are unable to attend the meeting-no worries, we will be accepting shift 
sign ups via email per usual, after the meeting occurs!

Next month also includes Hunger and Homeless week, which we will be 
celebrating by taking part in the Food Stamps Challenge! But don't worry, 
there's more information to come if you are looking to get involved in some 
events to raise awareness about hunger here in Burlington!
So have an awesome week, and keep on working hard :)
-Katie your CKP Membership Coordinator