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Subject: Re: Tax overpayments from escrow companies


I send it back to the taxpayer. I feel like if I send it back to the
mortgage company I can't guarantee that it gets to the right escrow account,
and often the payments come from a third party so I wouldn't know where to
send it. I also think it's better if the homeowner deals directly with the
mortgage company. 


At 03:37 PM 10/9/2012, you wrote:

Good Afternoon - 
It appears that in the past on overpayment from the escrow company has been
returned to the taxpayer - not the escrow company. Are we supposed to send
it back to the company?  It seems to me that the only way for the taxpayer
to know that this has happened is by us sending the money to them and then
having them straighten it out themselves.  Thank you for your input.
Jessica Brassard - Treasurer/Clerk, Braintree, VT

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