Has anyone received the inquiry below?  Do any towns already provide this
information and if so, how do you charge - "rent, borrow or purchase"?


Mary Ann Wilson


Town Clerk and Treasurer

Town of Morristown

43 Portland Street

Morrisville  VT  05661-0748

(P) 802-888-6370

(F) 802-888-6375

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Dear Ms. Wilson,


The Warren Group collects and compiles data on real estate sales and
ownership throughout New England and offers a range of real estate products,
information services and printed and online publications, including the
weekly newspaper Banker & Tradesman and monthly magazine The Commercial
Record. The company also produces and organizes trade shows and events for a
variety of industries, including bankers, mortgage brokers, credit unions
and lawyers. Based in Boston, the company was established in 1872 and is now
in its fourth generation of family ownership and management. The Warren
Group's suite of data products includes market reports and statistics,
research tools, marketing and business strategy solutions, analytics and
research that helps serve the real estate and financial markets throughout
New England.   You can reference some of our testimonials by going to
<> to find how others think about our
services that we provide to them.


The purpose of this letter is The Warren Group is looking to rent, borrow or
purchase a copy of images or microfiche for all of the mortgage, mortgage
assignment, mortgage discharge, and pre-foreclosure documents that were
filed between the dates of January 1, 2005 - current date.  As one example,
if we were to rent or borrow the microfilm or fiche from the Town Clerk that
was needed, we would be willing to pay for the reproduction fees involved so
that the original would stay in the hands of the Town Clerk. 


Please be assured that we do not have any intent to re-sell, repackage or
repurpose these images or microfiche, rather to utilize these documents to
continue to provide a complete data set of resourceful information to our
real estate and financial communities that we serve.  We have been in the
public records industry for 140 years.  The relationships that we have
fostered over that time are extremely valuable and we treat all our
relationships and the people that we work with like family, thus the reason
for our longevity.  We do not hold public records offices accountable for
data errors or inaccuracies.  This understanding has led to valuable and
beneficial relationships between The Warren Group and public records offices
around New England and beyond.


Partnering with the towns directly is a win-win situation for both of us.
The Warren Group does not need to hire staff to collect the data, or take up
terminals in the public records room, which can be used by Title
Abstractors, Title Examiners, Paralegals, etc. At the same time, The Warren
Group can save valuable time and money and give the Town Clerk's office
unbudgeted funds to be used on projects that have been tabled for a variety
of financial reasons.


Morrisville would not be the first in offering this type of data set to the
private sector. We are actively working with many towns and counties
throughout New England.


Because we have contractual obligations to gather this historical data, we
will need to proceed with the collection within a few weeks.  We would
prefer to partner with your office and rent or purchase the data, but if you
choose to forgo this opportunity, we will have to use our own resources to
collect it.


We look forward to hearing from you after you have discussed this with the
appropriate people.  I can be reached at 617-896-5348 or at
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> [log in to unmask]  We will
also follow up with an original letter in the mail. 


Thank you for your time and consideration on this very important matter.  


Sincerely Yours,


David B. Lovins


David B. Lovins


The Warren Group 
280 Summer Street 8th Floor 
Boston, MA  02210-1131
Direct: 617-896-5348
Main: 617-428-5100
Fax: 617-428-5120