Hello Wonderful Debate Community-

As some of you (hopefully all of you) know, Seattle University will be hosting their 3rd annual debate tournament. 

Right now we are scheduled for March 9 and 10. I have the invite ready to go but received some initial feedback that that weekend is problematic for some folks on the semester schedule. We would really like this to be a good sized tournament representing BP from all over the region and nation (world, if we can entice you guys enough!!). With that being said, we are considering moving it to the first weekend in March, March 2 and 3. 

If you are considering attending or would consider attending but that consideration is dependent on the date, I'd love to take your feedback and votes for which weekend that we'll end up hosting. I'll take all feedback until next Monday morning, Oct 15th. Unfortunately those are the only two weekends our University can host, so if neither of those work, we'll see you at nationals!

We are so looking forward to hosting our BP friends here in lovely Seattle!


Sophia Sanders

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