Thanks for keeping me updated, Colin.


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Hi Steve,


I’ll give it a couple more days to circulate and I’ll mention tentative commitments when I send out the official invitation. Right now, Portland State, La Verne and Hawaii have all indicated that they’ll attend. CSU fullerton has also expressed interest.






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Alaska is considering this tournament and I'm curious about who else may attend.  If you're going (or thinking of going), would you mind indicating such on the list?




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Hello Everyone,


I wanted to remind you all about the UC Davis tournament that will be held December 1-2, 2012 in scenic Davis, CA. The official invitation will follow shortly, please consider this a “save-the-date” sort of message. We’ll be offering six preliminary rounds of BP debate, plus appropriate elims. We’ll schedule things to be done early on Sunday, so that those of you with significant travel can get on the road at a reasonable hour. We will also hold a demonstration debate, open to the local community, the night before the tournament and we would love to have you come to that as well.


Again, the official invitation will follow shortly. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.




Colin Murphy

UC Davis Debate