Several years (after the meeting in New Orleans) ago the SVT, now SVU
petitioned the ARDMS to change the vascular credential from RVT to RDVS so
it would be in line with echocardiographer and get rid of the "T" word.
However, there were two vascular surgeons on the ARDMS Executive Committee
that killed the petition.   

Those guys are gone from the ARDMS and it seems time for the vascular
community to raise this issue again.   If you look at the pay for RDMS and
RVT in the USA Dept. of Labor's OCCUPATION OUTLOOK HANDBOOK (OOH) you will
see that DMS are listed with a median pay of $64,380 per year, while the RVT
median pay of $49,410 per year.   I believe the primary cause of this
discrepancy is the designation of "vascular technologists."

If you agree, please raise this issue with the new ARDMS Executive Committee
Chair, Kevin Evans, and the ARDMS CEO, Dale Cyr.

Good luck, Terry 

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Terry J. DuBose, MS, RDMS
Associate Professor Emeritus
Diagnostic Medical Sonography 
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
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