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Subject: Cold Legs and Feet, without Significant Arterial disease? 
From: Paul J Graham <[log in to unmask]> 
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So yesterday I had a Patient whom the Vascular Surgeon had Ordered an 
Lower extremity PVR and Segmental Pressures on with Digit pressures. The 
Patient was Not Diabetic and has no Atherosclerotic History. 
However the Patients Legs and Feet were both VERY COLD to the touch. He 
stated his legs are always like that. So I performed the Exam and while the 
PVR waveforms in the Ankle's and Toes were a bit Dampened bilaterally. The 
PressuresSeemed to be Within Normal Limits with exception of the Right Great 
toe, however his Toe was very short and difficult to get a good pressure on.
Even the Dampened PVR waveforms show a Dicrotic notch. Just out of 
curiosity what else could cause someones feet to stay so cold?

Thanks in advance

Paul Graham RVT
Technical Director 
Delaware Bay surgical services
Lewes, DE

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