I get headaches from people who wear perfume also:(

"Unity in diversity."

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> I've just had another patient show up doused in cologne. He is a repeat offender.  Now, I enjoy the smell of perfumes and colognes as much as the next person, but WOW!  This was simply overpowering.  Yesterday, the schedulers who make reminder phone calls to our patients told him not to wear ANY cologne to his appointment.  Of course, he shows up today completely saturated, so much so that other waiting room patients moved completely across the room from him.  Privacy be damned, today, I simply cracked the door open and placed a small fan there as an exhaust.  But seriously, short of offending this nice gentleman, what else can be done?  Refuse to perform the exam?  Tell him to go to the restroom and scrub?  Wet gangrene I can deal with, perfumes...not so much.
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