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Diagnostic Criteria External Carotid Artery

The following values are used by the author as criteria suggest degrees of 
ECA stenosis
Minimal PSV <200 cm/sec
Moderate PSV 200 TO 300 cm/sec
Severe >300 cm/sec
1.	Zwiebel WJ, Knighton R:  Duplex of the carotid arteries, Somin 
Ultrasound CT MR 11:97-135 1990
2.	Zwiebel WJ: Analysis of carotid Doppler signals.  In Zwiebel W (ed): 
Introduction to Vascular Ultrasound, 2nd edition. Philadelphia, WB Saunders 
1986 pp 171-216

Diagnostic Criteria Common Carotid Artery

PSV >182 cm/sec indicate possibility of CCA stenosis > 50%
EDV >30 cm/sec indicate possibility of CCA stenosis > 50%
Detection of common carotid artery stenosis using duplex ultrasonography:  A 
validation study with computed tomographic angiography David P. Slovut, MD, 
PhDab, Javier M. Romero, MDC, Kathleen M. Hannon, RN, MSb, James Dick, 
BSb, Michael R. Jaff Dob
Revised June 2009: accepted August2009 published online 02 November 2009

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