Hows this flownet wiki 
let me know if it works.


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The solution should be—I say, should be—easy. Don't hit the "reply" icon: copy and paste the individual email address into a new message. For all those benighted non-Mac users, that's control-C for copy, control-V for paste. You're welcome.


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I agree with the perception of Don being very funny.  However, as the
multiple requests for this protocol kept popping up in my inbox, it made me
start thinking of how often this happens and what could be done to create a
more efficient solution.

**DISCLAIMER**Before everyone gets their flame throwers out, I understand
that this forum is for sharing of information and ideas and I am in no way
faulting those who have requested copies.

I was just thinking that this comes up frequently on FlowNet and it might be
a great opportunity for several individuals to work together collaboratively
to create needed documents, protocols, contracts etc.  This could be done
through the use of a Wiki which would allow submissions by multiple sources
and put it all together into one end product.  It would, or course, require
someone to be the organizer of the project but it might bring in multiple
perspectives that had not been considered.

OK, just throwing my $.02 worth in.  I will now sit back and wait for any
aftermath I may have created J  Maybe I should stick with my normal
"lurking"  lol

Bill Beymer

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