Checking in as a former student of Colleen.  Was doing and still do
blind TCD. Did some TCDI but it took so much more time that we went back
to the blind TCD.
She was the best and most patient teacher alive! I believe I also met
her at the old Medasonics company in Mountain View where I trained for
the separate Spectral Analysis and B Mode Imaging. Anyone remember those
machines. Uh Oh, I am showing my age!

Barbara Pizzo, BS, MS, RVT
Manager, Cardiovascular and Neurodiagnostic Services
St. Joseph Medical Center
Reading, PA 19605
610 378 2802
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It would be interesting to see just how many of us out there doing TCD,
Colleen Douville is responsible for.  Great teacher. 

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Bill Johnson, Port Townsend, WA

I agree with Calli opsis, although I think that is a flower?  (I always
agree with flowers).  I learned to do "blind" TCD back in the eighties.
My teacher, Colleen Douville, was not only patient with me, and, I admit
I knew nothing about the Circle of Willis and its importance, but also
about intracranial circulation and how much it was dependent on those
carotids I did know something about, in spite of that, she taught me. I
am grateful.

I did know strokes could be the result of extracranial disease, most
frequently due to carotid stenosis, but my eyes were opened wide about
intracranial sources.  The learning curve is steep, and very much
dependent on our skill and how often we do this exam.  But, I submit, it
is worth the effort.

I would also suggest, if you want to learn more about TCD, consider the
following link;

DIsclaimer, I worked for PVI for 10 years, and still as consultant, but
not an active employee.  I am in awe of the program Colleen and Keith
Fugioka have put together.  They are superb instructors.

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