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This topic has been discussed a few months back so if you know how to search the archives, that may help as well..... In my experience of contract work and self employment x 12 years (BTW, I would definitely suggest incorporating If it is true contract, but that's another topic) :)... I would suggest by the hour, more specifically blocks of 4 hours. I charge "half day" (4 hours) and "full day" (8 hours). I do know of some people that charge per case and are successful that way, but usually they have 1, maybe two accounts. If you have a lot of accounts, it won't work.  The problem with charging per case is if you show up for an 8 hour day of work (say 8-10 ablations for example) and 2-3 cancel, no-show, whatever... You are out of luck.  If you stipulate going in that you are providing 8 hours of time and you can come up with a half dAy and full day rate , you will be paid regardless and the onus is on them to fill the 8 hours as that is what they are paying for. Hope that makes sense.  I have been doing it that way for many years and have had no issues. I learned the hard way doing "per case"

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Do most contract techs charge by the hr or per case?

Suzanne Wilson  RVT
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