Andy, your usual calm, collected outlook on life is extraordinary given what you’re going through. Hope all’s well soon. (And sure wish I coulda seen those tides. Here in Nanny York City, they even evacuated the parks.)

 Andy Dulik wrote on 10/30/12 8:06 AM:

As aquanaut mentioned, rains were not so bad.  Winds were progressively more wicked as the afternoon and evening wore on.  A pretty steady breeze, punctuated by increasingly heavier and sustained gusts.  The gusts that started sounding like freight trains, eventually were sounding like jet engines.  Soon those jet engines were the breeze.
The tides, as i am sure you are seeing on reports were really something special.  The 10 am high tide was a little higher than normal, but not too far off a super moon tide.  I was certain there would be problems when low tide at 5pm was just as high.  By 630 the streets were awash, the tide seemed to rise very quickly after that, and everything not put on the second floor was lost to the creeping flow.  The tide started to abate by about 945, and by midnight was back to just lapping at the curbs in the street.  Interesting that in my community where all the lines are underground we never lost power (though I did power down when the water entered the house) nor phone service.  When i finally went to sleep at 3am we still had power, only waking up to join the 80% of long island who are powerless.  Over all 4 inches of water in the house, 7 in the garage.  Some ruined stuff, but otherwise ok.  In trying to move everything to higher ground, i ran out of time to move my skis and boots.  I'm not so worried about the skis, I hear rusty edges leave cool trails on the slopes, but the musty boot liners may be a concern in the future.

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Hasn’t been too big a deal here in Manhattan. The storm is tracking to our south, west and north. Far from the beach, the storm surge is something seen on TV only.

Sunday evening, the gathering storm look was spooky cool. On the rooftop, looking up at the thick, fast-moving cloud cover, horizon-to-horizon, it was easy to imaging it a piece in a thousand-mile wide whorl. The streets were, not deserted, but eerily quiet.

Yesterday it rained off and on, but nothing you’d call a downpour, let alone torrential. Took a short bike ride late yesterday afternoon and the blowdown, limbs large and small , the occasional whole tree, was impressive. But the long pauses between gusts made it hard to think of this as a killer storm. Then I saw a 40 foot limb come crashing down on top of a park bench I sometimes sit on. That’ll change one’s perspective.

Outside the windows, tonight’s wind gusts have blown away sleep, but have not borne in fear.


S H wrote on 10/29/12 10:44 PM:

the path goes right over my house!

but I really don't think it is going to amount to much here

the winds have been howling, but just died down. it has only been raining lightly

NYC and the coastal areas are getting really hard hit. My cousin is stuck in a building in Long beach with a broken leg. His car is under water.

I hope Aquanaut is ok.

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For now.

Check out the crazy storm center path that google is showing (looks like we
dodged a bullet in Niagara, Watertown NY, not so much):

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At 01:20 PM 10/29/2012, Mark P. Renson wrote:

>Not if the airports are closed.  Even the T is closed.

I believe the Montreal airport is still open.


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