Matt>. "Please tell us that you're stuck up there."  

No.  I probably would have tried under normal circumstances but it might have been a bad idea.  Now, however, I am driving Carolyn back and forth to work and helping her with things that require 2 hands.  Broken arm 2 weeks ago.  She is not a patient patient, is feeling much better and planning to borrow a car with auto transmission.  She is lobbying mildly but I think sincerely for me to go and get some turns.  Chip is planning a trail work weekend; every Nov. weekend is trail work weekend at WG and I have partaken many times.  This one will be unique in that we'll be doing it on skis.

Most of the slopes in WV are mildly pitched.  I have experienced snow depths that prevented downhill movement on even the steepest slopes.  This is likely such a time.  I may bring the Megawatts, which are 125 mm at the waist.  At 10.5 lbs. they are work to skin up but have a 155 rockered tip.  The Junkboards are 110 at the waist and only 4 lbs.  there is also the possibility that it could crust over.  

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