Hey guys,
Have you seen this? It'sright in line with what you are doing. You should definitely pursue this.
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Date: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 2:50 PM
Subject: [Haiti] ASHRAE Student Competition - Solar Powered Fridge
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Hi folks,

If you are in touch with any EWB student chapters, the following ASHRAE competition could be a cool opportunity for them.



ASHRAE 2013 Applied Engineering Challenge


This project is ideal for students with a strong interest in the sustainable design of equipment. This years challenge is to design a solar powered (or powered by another renewable source) portable refrigeration unit with a holding volume of 1 ft3. This device could be used to transport small essential cargo (perishable foods, pharmaceuticals, organs, sensitive equipment, etc.). The temperature inside the box must be maintained at 25F (or -4C) continuously without an external power supply, in an ambient environment of 100F (or 38C). This device must be easy assembled anywhere in the world even in under developed countries.

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