I also had trouble with the first page, ballot totals, absentees etc. and still don't know if I got it right, but the rest of the input was easy and I thought it worked fine overall.  It beats all the separate reporting that the media asks for so I hope the bugs will be worked out and it will become more that a pilot program.

Diana Peduzzi, Woodbury

On 11/8/2012 9:19 AM, Condos, Jim wrote:

Hi Cassie...


Thanks for the kind words...


The Election Nite Reporting system is not about me, it's not about the clerks - it is about serving all of our constituents – including residents of the state (and your town), the media, candidates, and parties.

What we are trying to do is provide a single source where everyone can get good and consistent information.

What we also believe is that it will reduce some of the stress and work via phone calls in and out that Town Clerks have to make on election nite and just maybe allow you to go home sooner.

We also want to explore using this to assist the Town Clerks when they have to prepare and send off the ORVs the day after the election.


We understood there would be problems arising – they are problems that can be fixed – but we need to have the cooperation of the Town Clerks to help us overcome. That’s why we started this year as a pilot or test year.

So far we have had between 75 and 78% participation by the clerks for each of the 3 elections (Pres. Primary, Statewide Primary, and Gen Election) and for that we are grateful.


Anytime you have questions on the system, you or any other clerk can and will call anyone in our Elections division – I believe that Lori was dealing with this specific situation with you and just rec’d an email back from our developer which she will forward on to you.

We want to work with you and the rest of the Town Clerks to make some of our processes easier and more efficient for all – while again serving the residents of Vermont.

In the future, please feel free to call me up and let me know your concerns.


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I can't add total ballots counted at the top, but all my other numbers are

there on the system including total ballots for each race and they never

uploaded again.  Oh well, I tried.  It just looks pretty stupid that my

numbers aren't live.  I wish I hadn't wasted my time.  Next time I won't.

Jim Condos' baby fails again in my opinion.


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