In Killington we charge:


                $1.00 for Lister Cards (this charge was set by the Listers)

                $1.00 for maps recorded in the TC office.


                For tax maps, tax bills, copies from a property zoning file or other non-recorded documents we charge $.15 for Letter; $.25 for Legal; and $.30 for Ledger size.


Lucrecia Wonsor, CVC, CMC

Killington Town Clerk

(802) 422-3243

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Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 3:32 PM
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Subject: Copying costs


I am interested in finding out what other clerks charge for copies of lister cards, tax maps, map and lot files records, etc., and how you have arrived at the charge per copy.  I recently had an appraiser complain because I charged him more than the Secretary of States’ 3 cents a page for a lister’s card (currently our rate for lister’s cards).  I was the one who was asked to get the records out of the lister’s office and the one who made the copies.


Gene Craft

Town Clerk/Treasurer

Town of Vershire