For informational purposes, the Secretary of State’s current Official Fee Schedule for Copying Public Records, dating from 2003 and adopted pursuant to 1 V.S.A. 316(d) provides for a charge of $0.05 per page for standard sized single sided copies:


Additional information relating to various specific local fees or charges can also be found at:


In order for a local government to assess copying fees that vary from the Secretary of State’s Official Schedule, its legislative body must establish its own charges based on an examination/ substantiation of actual costs pursuant to 1 V.S.A. 316(e):


“(e) After public hearing, the legislative body of a political subdivision shall establish actual cost charges for copies of public records. The legislative body shall also establish the amount that may be charged for staff time, when such a charge is authorized under this section. To determine actual cost charges, the legislative body shall use the same factors used by the secretary of state. If a legislative body fails to establish a uniform schedule of charges, the charges for that political subdivision shall be the uniform schedule of charges established by the secretary of state until the local legislative body establishes such a schedule. A schedule of public records charges shall be posted in prominent locations in the town offices.”


“Actual cost” is defined in subsection (d) as: “To determine "actual cost" the secretary shall consider the following only: the cost of the paper or the electronic media onto which a public record is copied, a prorated amount for maintenance and replacement of the machine or equipment used to copy the record and any utility charges directly associated with copying a record.”


Hope this is helpful for background/ context.


Let me know if Vermont State Archives & Records Administration (“VSARA”) (Part of the office of the Secretary of State) or I can be of further assistance.




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I am interested in finding out what other clerks charge for copies of lister cards, tax maps, map and lot files records, etc., and how you have arrived at the charge per copy.  I recently had an appraiser complain because I charged him more than the Secretary of States’ 3 cents a page for a lister’s card (currently our rate for lister’s cards).  I was the one who was asked to get the records out of the lister’s office and the one who made the copies.


Gene Craft

Town Clerk/Treasurer

Town of Vershire