"We have increased oil production to the highest levels in 16 years. . . Natural gas production is the highest it's been in decades. We have seen increases in coal production and coal employment. . . we still continue to open up new areas for drilling. . . We've opened up public lands. We're actually drilling more on public lands than in the previous administration and -- the previous president was an oil man. . . And natural gas isn't just appearing magically. We're encouraging it and working with the industry. . . We made the largest investment in clean coal technology . . . We've built enough pipeline to wrap around the entire earth once. . . So, I'm all for pipelines. I'm all for oil production. . ." - second televised debate, 10/16/12

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 From: John Andrews <[log in to unmask]>

Dear Friend,
Your vote for president on Tuesday could either seal the
fate of the planet or start us on the road to a new, green future.  I'm writing to plead with you to cast a vote
for our very survival.
While the planet moves towards the collapse of climate and ecosystems with accelerating speed, for the first time since 1984,  the two major party candidates failed to
mention global warming in their two-party televised debates.  Climate
silencehas descended upon the nation, even as we stagger under drought,
wildfires, and superstorms that are climate-related.
And here is the chilling truth:  If
President Obama's "all of the above" energy program is implemented,
it's game over for the climate.  The
President has laid out a program of accelerated production for oil, coal, and
gas.  At the Durban climate conference
the Obama Administration delayed implementation of an international climate
treaty until 2020 - an unforgivable
action that will allow eight critical years to slip away while global
warming advances.   The Obama
Administration has already approved the southern portion of the oil pipeline that will be used to exhaust
the Canadian tar sands into the atmosphere - touting it as a jobs creation
The Arctic sea ice has melted to one-fourth the volume it had only a few decades ago. A few months
ago the President sent his Secretary of State to meet with nations surrounding
the Arctic.  She could have called for
them to join us in fighting global warming.  Instead, she was silent about global warming and urged them to cooperate
in opening up new oil drilling sites in locations formerly covered by ice.
How can the President hope to get us to accept his
climate-destroying policies?  The
Democratic Party strategy is to say that Romney would do even less to save the
climate while the President has a "balanced" approach.  They tout the President's renewable energy
plan to spend $15b per year on promoting cleaner energy.  But this is a completely inadequate amount -
only 1/32 of what the President is spending in his new Wall Street bailout (Quantitative
Easing III).
It is critical that environmentalists reject the deception
and cast a vote for reversing the drift toward climate catastrophe.  In most states you can do that by casting a
vote for the Green Party's Jill Stein.   Jill Stein is not part of the Obama/Romney
climate silence conspiracy.  She is
speaking up for putting our nation on a new course toward clean, renewable
energy.  She says we should spend 10
times what the President is spending on renewables.  She would stop the Keystone pipeline, and
push for immediate action on an international climate treaty.
According to Stein:  "Climate change is the biggest threat facing the U.S. and the
planet. . . .We can't afford "all of the above" energy policies
that mean 'game over' for the climate.  I
support a Green New Deal that would create millions of green jobs through
investment in weatherization, renewable energy, clean manufacturing,
sustainable agriculture, public transportation and reforestation."
That is what climate leadership looks like.  Every vote for Jill will be a vote for a new
approach to energy policy.  Time is
short.  Let your vote on Tuesday speak
clearly  for climate leadership, not
climate silence.
John Andrews
For more
information, see the letter signed by over 2500 climate activists in
support for Dr. Stein. See