Walked the beautifully repaired Colchester Causeway on Sunday.  Didn't see
a lot but a nice walk.

On the way out, we saw one, single snow bunting out beyond the bridge.  He
hopped around the rocks but didn't really fly away.  I worried about the
poor, "abandoned" bird in such an inhospitable place but on the way back we
saw at least three groups of  snow buntings flying around and I realized he
was not alone anymore!

Near the South Hero end, a mink (I think but I am not a weasel expert
either!) was running down the causeway towards us.  He got quite close
without wavering from his direct path to us and I confess that I was a bit
scared that he was rabid and was going right for us but at the last minute,
he veered off!  Saw him later swimming...brrrrr!

Otherwise...7 common mergansers, 1 lone scaup, the pictures indicate 1st
winter to me, 4 common loons, 5 horned grebes, several distant flocks
flying low on the water but the only sure id I can give: 2 groups were
white winged scoters.

The most fun for me was watching the gulls hover as they fought against the
stiff west wind.  I have some great pictures of greater black backed , ring
billed, and Bonaparte's gulls in flight.  I studied all the pictures hoping
that at least one was a Little Gull which woud be a first for me but they
were all Bonaparte's!

Another good day birding,
Martha and Bill