Hi Mad Birders and others,

Ali Wagner, Tom Jimachello and I had a two shrike morning as we went in
search of winter finches. The first one was off the East Warren Rd near
Ridge Rd. It was down in the field, perched on top of a rose bramble where
about 60 Bohemian Waxwings had just been feasting on rose hips. Those
waxwings joined up with another group to finally become a large group of
115...strength in numbers I hope! Before we headed to Blueberry Lake, a
small flock of Redpolls landed right over our heads.

When we arrived at the Southern access to Blueberry Lake we heard a bird
singing. It was nothing we'd ever heard before and as we walked down the
path it flew up to the top of a pine tree and our singer turned out to be
Shrike number two! It continued sing while we got it into the scope for
some fabulous looks at it. Ali had heard that they sing to attract prey, so
it was quite interesting to hear this one as it's 'song' was new to us.

Other birds at Blueberry Lake were Scaup, Common Mergs, a Harrier and the
seemingly resident geese.

Pat Folsom reported that an injured Pine Grosbeak turned up in Waitsfield
this morning, and the Mayvilles found some on the campus of Norwich Univ.
in Northfield.

A lovely November day to be out birding,