Print at the Hinesburg  Community School, in between the white high 
school and the 1958 addition a crab apple tree, a flock of 8!  I 
always inspect this tree  on my lunch break and today it paid off. I haven't 
seen Pine Grosbeaks at the school since 2007 (I think).  Back then, the 
trees in the front of the school would produce good crops of fruit but this 
year only one tree has apples.  Before the primary wing of the school was 
renovated, there were large windows where  I would take small groups of 
second graders  to watch Pine Grosbeaks from "front-row seats."  I'm hoping 
for repeat performances through this winter for an audience of eager young 


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Several years ago on a CBC, we saw Pine Grosbeaks feasting in a fruit tree 
in Mendon. Today we drove to that spot, and, aha, there were four females, 
our first for the year.

Sue and Marv Elliott