But YES!  Definitely an Otter!

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I'm afraid I agreed with JoAnne - that these are not Cackling Geese - 
Cackling are significantly smaller than Canadas (Brant size) with markedly 
stubby bills.

Chris Petrak
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Subject: [VTBIRD] Runnemede Cackling Geese?

Went looking for the Cormorant yesterday.Didn't find it, but there were
about 15 short-necked geese there. I think they might be Cackling Geese.
There were many Canadas in the water later and flying around, but this
bunch did not take off, and seemed to stay together.  Photos here, with a
Canada amongst them.

Also saw:
75 Canada Geese
150 Redpolls
7 Black Ducks
1 Wood Duck (m)
11 Ringnecks
1 Kingfisher
! Common Merganser

And...ta da!  A River Otter

Photos here:

(Last year, with a group of Upper Valley birders, we saw ...well,a mink I
think, running along a bank in this same area.  I REALLY wanted it to be an
otter, but I was out-voted. This time, there is no there?

Cindy Crawford

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