I am a blood relative of Ravens.  My paternal grandmother was one of 13
Ravens, her parents, her 9 siblings and herself. I have cousins all over the
country with the name.  It is a German family name and the original
farmhouse in Germany had a sign over the door saying "Ravens."  Needless to
say, the birds have always had a special place in my life, as did my
relatives. I even root for the football team.  Go Ravens!

Barbara B.

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I often chat with the ravens who live in Raven Ridge Natural Area.   
Raven is (not surprisingly) one of my totems as well, and they can be very
responsive to my overtures.  I recommend others try it.  It's quite special
when they talk back.

Raven Davis

On Nov 27, 2012, at 8:43 AM, Sue Wetmore wrote:

> According in native American lore my totem is a raven. Yesterday while 
> out on Hollow Rd. I carried on a converstion with one of the ravens. 
> It was calling so
> I responded and the bird abruptly turned and circled over me----we 
> continued in this fashion for about 2 minutes when it finally figured 
> out I wasn't another raven. It gave alarm calls and left.
> Must have been something I said!
> I am, always for the birds,
> Sue Wetmore
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> Northern Cardinal  2
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