Nova Scotia!!!  CBC from St John New Brunswick (Or is it St John's; One is the capital of New Brunswick the other the capital of Newfoundland) has a birding program talking about the rare birds around the Bay of Fundy.  I was camping outside of Annapolis Royal in September and caught many interesting birds.  Plenty of Whale Watches out of the Gaspe Area area.  As an added attraction a lot of good music in Lower Canada. 


Bob From West Arlington


If you ever get to Ontario visiting Point Pele is a must.  I cut my teeth birding there when I was at graduate school at the University of Guelph.  Lot of good birding on campus.

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> Subject: [VTBIRD] Where to Bird between VT and the Gaspe
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> Hey all,
> So I have this desire to someday visit the gannet colony on Bonaventure
> Island off the Gaspe Pennisula.'s just a wish right now. But
> there's a great deal of ground to cover between here and there and I
> wouldn't want to miss a thing along the way.
> any of you have suggestions of where to go? for birds? for whales?
> for other cool nature things to see and do?
> Many thanks,
> Bridget
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> Bridget Butler
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