On Sunday morning, we had 14 turkeys pass through our back garden and woods.  

Some years ago, we regularly hosted a flock for the whole winter -- generally appearing around lunch time.  They stayed through the spring, with much parading of the Tom who came in March.  Hope the latest flock will return and we will have a regular showing this winter.  

Kay and Robert in Hinesburg

Kay Johnson
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Late yesterday afternoon, 23 turkeys visited my backyard, looking so huge
and (sorry!) ugly compared to the juncos that usually congregate under my
feeders. The juncos moved away but some did not go far enough and a turkey
would chase them a bit further away.

Fun to watch for twenty minutes or so.  Then the turkeys moved off to a
neighbor's lawn.

The juncos returned and among them, one white-throated sparrow, the first
I've seen at my feeders this fall.