It is a real ghost town for me here in Manchester today (has been becoming 
progressively so) after weeks of amazing action at my feeders.  Anyone else 

I am wondering how much of this may be due to a cat that's been around our 
property for mos. now.  Not sure who it belongs to - its surprising anyone would 
have an outdoor cat on our road, and have asked all neighbors I know, and the 
cat doesn't belong to them.   Looks VERY healthy and doesn't appear feral 
behaviorally.  Thinking about putting a sign up at the end of the road.  I am 
happy for the rodent control, but saw it trotting off with a  bird in its mouth 
yesterday, and that's not going to "fly" (so to speak!) around here.

Has anyone else had a problem like this with a mystery cat, and if so, how did 
you deal with it?


Courtney in Manchester